I’ve craved the power to discover ever since I was a young boy.15-E It started with a fascination of planes and a desire to see things from a different perspective. I grew up in Mumbai, a rampantly growing city that I have come to love. Even still, I had an urge to see what else the world had in store for me in the future. I remember sitting in my first A330-300 next to my mum, looking down over all of the buildings and expanses of land thinking I’d one day see it all.

      Even in my time outside of competitive swimming and curiously discovering the beginnings of the Dot-com boom, I toyed around with Legos, just like any other boy my age.I reveled in the sense of accomplishment I felt from creating something with my own hands. At a young age,  I understood that I’d one day be able to actually create global innovations with those same hands.  The difference, however, was once I stepped away from my creation, I felt like that little boy again sitting in a plane on to a new adventure. A passion stirred inside of me to revisit this sense of freedom. I wanted the freedom to choose my destination.


       My first memorable trip was to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Since, I’ve covered fifty countries and recently found inspiration to share the experiences I’ve encountered in my 22 years. I’ve come full circle in that I currently reside in the U.S. and have just completed a Bachelor’s in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. I continue my journey by pursuing a Master’s in my forthcoming year.
               I finally have been able to accomplish my boyhood dream of creating and innovating and now I have a new dream to visit every country and absorb everything that I can.

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