Explore Patagonia

Enjoy the magnitude of the extraordinary Torres del Paine National Park in central Patagonia by staying at Hotel Salto Chico. The travel company explora Patagonia offers various packages for stays at one of the only lodges within this UNESCO preserve. The 49 room lodge offers various views, from almost every corner in the lodge.So much so, that the bathrooms have cut outs to offer views of the peaks (Paine Massif) on the other side of the lake. During your stay there, the lodge has pre-organized trips for you; that include treks through the wilderness accompanied by soup and snacks carried by your guide, glacier visits, speed boat rides through the lake, and horse rides. The peaks in the surrounding areas offer scenic photographic opportunities throughout the day, as the varying intensity and angle of sunshine on the peaks creates a unique blend of colors. During your stay there, you will also have the company of llamas that roam the surrounding greens and visit the Salto Chico waterfall which is at the base of the hotel. A 4 night package at the lodge can cost you roughly $3,220. While it takes 5 hours to get to the lodge from the airport in a lodge arranged pickup that involves crossing the Chilean border; the journey offers time to catch up on some beautiful Patagonian landscapes and a chance to spot the Condor.


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