Biking Atop Ancient Chinese City Walls

While Xi’an is known by most for its terra-cotta warriors excavation display; bicycling on the Xi’an City Wall offers visitors a refreshing change of being being to enjoy city panoramas like they did in the past instead of going to the top of a high rise. The City Wall encircles the rectangular city of Xi’an and has a total of 18 city gates, but not all open for visitors. Complete a circle of the wall on the bicycle takes 1.5 to 2 hours at a medium speed. The bicycle deposit is CNY 200 (~32$). The single bicycle costs CNY 40/100 minutes. The tandem bicycle costs CNY 60/100 minutes. The triple bicycle costs CNY80/100 minutes.During your trip in China, this will be one of your only opportunities to experience an intact city wall in the mainland. The wall is 15 meters wide at the top and 12 meters high. I suggest going in the evenings to avoid crowds and when the weather is cooler.


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