Bush Plane Flights Over the Serengeti and Masai Mara

Most travelers visiting Kenya and Tanzania choose to drive between lodges and game parks in an attempt to maximize their game viewing time. This choice of transport not only takes longer but often results in 4+ hours of bumpy off road travel. I recommend taking flights between different game viewing sights. These flights offer an arial view of the game below as herds of animals migrate. If you are lucky enough to visit during the migration you will see thousands of wildebeest running towards the river to find a chance to cross. While in air, you will also be able to spot elephants walking around in the African plains and giraffes playing amidst taller trees. These plane tickets are often inexpensive and should be booked well in advance. The only restriction they enforce is the luggage allowance due to the nature of the aircraft. The flights can be booked in coordination with your lodge and they will arrange an airport pick up for you as well. Landing on what seems to be a temporary strip with no permanent airport structure is unique rugged experience that one can only experience in Africa. The airports are surrounded by animals and often the flight will have to make an extra round or avoid landing/take off due to the presence of an animal on the runway – simply put, its like landing in an open air zoo.



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