Northern Lights Viewing While Relaxing in Hot Springs

Drive 60 miles northeast of Fairbanks, Alaska to arrive at Chena Hot Springs Resort for a completely different resort experience. This resort features most amennities that other chain brand establishments offer but the experience is something unique all together. The resort has a different schedule of activites based on the season. When I visited during March, it was the Winter season and the resort offered activiteis such as the Natural Hot Springs, Ice Museum Tours, Dog Sled Rides, and Snow-Mobiling. Not to forget the most unforgettable activity is – the snow coach tour. Tours depart the Chena Activity Center (1100 ft.) and venture 30 minutes up the hillside via Snow Coach to the top of a hill (2600 ft.) The Snow Coaches hold three persons in the front compartment with the Tour Guide and 10 persons in the rear compartment.fter arriving on top, keep warm inside our heated 30 ft. Yurt and enjoy a hot beverage and talk to other guests. This trip costs ~$75 per adult and includes gear if you are not well equipped. Provided you have the right equipment (tripod, and SLR that allows timed shutter release) you will be able to capture the different views and colors of the Northern Lights over the mountains. Based on the forecast, you can opt to relax in the hot springs and view the northern lights. Check the forecast for the upcoming day/s on: . The link to the resort home page is:


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