Dinghy Boating in the Glacier Bay

Jokulsarlon is the largest glacial lake in Iceland and is located on the borders of Vatnajokull National Park which is around an hour away from the city of Hofn. You will pass this lake while driving on Route 1 from Hofn to Skaftafell, which I recommend for a great drive and a chance to see the wonderful waterfalls. This lake has been used a backdrop for various movies such as A View to Kill, Die Another Day, Tomb Raider and Batman Begins.

Based on the weather and the time of the year one can opt for a tour aboard a 40 person amphibian vehicle or an individual dinghy (zodiac boat) in this glacier lagoon. I highly recommend the dinghy tour as it allows for an individual experience in extreme weathers. The boat drivers will operate at high speeds often cause the light dinghy to jump if it was to go over a small iceberg. The protective clothing will help keep you warm and safe against the pieces of icebergs that could fly into the boat incase the boat’s movement caused chipping. The operator will show you various icebergs, and if you are lucky enough you may get to experience the glacier caving within a few feet of your boat. My experience also included the operator driving the dinghy up onto a large iceberg to get a more up close feel.  The hour long tour costs approximately $53 and can be booked via: http://www.jokulsarlon.is or http://icelagoon.com/index.html




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