Crawl Through Lava Tubes

Spend a few hours away from the Icelandic capital getting down on all fours to crawl through lava tubes and caves. This 3 hour trip will showcase extraordinary colors and lava formations in the light of your helmets spotlight. What you will see are beautiful creations created when the surface lava hardened and the fluid lava continued to flow in tubes underneath. You will also see natural stalactites and many different rock formations making this nearly an indescribable experience. There are no handrails, lights or any pre-installed tools in or around the caves. There are various parts of the trip which involve passing through parts of the tubes that are no more than 3 feet in height and require you to crawl and slouch your way through. Don’t sign up if you suffer from claustrophobia! The trip costs around $80 and can be booked from Iceland Excursions.

Lava tube crawl


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