Stay in an Igloo

Almost everyone has always wondered what it may be like to live in an Igloo, and here’s your chance. Visit the Kirkenes Snow Hotel, to be able to spend a night in their igloo form hotel accommodation. You will have to sleep on furs to keep you warm, and use a toilet carved out of ice. The beds are a huge slab of ice so for those of you that are used to the Heavenly Beds and the Pillow Menus, you will have to suffer through this one. The hotel features a museum with other carvings from ice, and they also operate a fully functioning ice bar with cups and glasses carved out of ice for a ‘chill’ experience. Theres plenty of outdoor activities to choose from during your stay there, ranging from snowmobiling, to fishing to having a chance at observing the Northern Lights. I would definitely recommend a nights stay here.


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