Spotting a llama in Peru is as easy as spotting a kangaroo in Australia- they are everywhere. During your trip to Peru, make it a point to visit a llama farm where llamas are developed for their wool. These farms will often show you the process of converting the wool from the skin of the llamas to a finished product such as a shawl or sweater. They will often have shops attached too that will try to sell you ‘100% Llama’ products but please beware of counterfeit products. What I recommend is, if you are willing to splurge, look at for Vicunya wool, which is the most expensive wool money can buy. With only 125,000 vicunyas in Peru, all under protection from the government, it is extremely hard to come by, but the search is well worth it for it is the softest and warmest fabric you will feel. Fun fact: it is also the wool of choice for luxury clothing company Loro Piana. A reliable shop to buy it from is Sol Alpaca. Also for your information, alpaca wool is a close second for those who may not be able to warrant splurging on vicunya. Vicunya wool costs $1,800 to $3,000 per yard as of 2007.


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