Land on an Iceberg

As an added surprise, the captain aboard Le Boreal arranged for early morning landing on an iceberg during a cruise of the Antarctic Peninsula. A chance to land on a chunk of ice that is only 10% above water and floating in the middle of ice cold Antarctic waters was scary and thrilling but also offered a ‘wow’ factor. The crew cordoned off certain parts of the iceberg that weren’t as dense and could break off, but for the large portion it is the closest one can get to unchartered land since it is a rapidly changing mass of land. Although one can spot a few penguins that stop on it on their journey between different nesting sites, the more interesting sights on the iceberg are the random holes on its surface that you can’t see the end of. Peering down the holes offers you the opportunity to see the different shades of blues and whites along its walls. These holes along with a porous surface make the iceberg challenging to walk around on without slipping through the snow and being submerged waist deep before needing help to stand back up.


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