Kayaking at the Bioluminescent Bay

Kayak through mangroves for 30 minutes to reach the Bioluminescent Bay- Los Croabas Lagoon in Fajardo, amidst the El Yunque Rainforest in Puerto Rico. Once at the lagoon, wave your hand through the water you will trigger the bioluminescent dinaflagellates (plankton) that will light up like a thousand tiny stars. The trips usually run in the evening and take up a good portion of the day since the start site is a good drive away from the city of San Juan. For those adventurous few, try over turning your kayak, despite the guides recommending not to, in an attempt to see plankton light up in all their glory. But if you decide to stick to the rules, then use the paddle to create large waves to see the plankton light up around the periphery.  Keep in mind that the trip does require a certain level of fitness to be able to kayak for two hours (about 2.5 miles for the complete trip) , but if your partner and you are up for the challenge, do not miss out. The trip should cost around $45-50 per person plus taxes.

Agency Used : http://www.ecoadventurespr.com/bio-bay-tour.html

Source: Michael Campos, LCT associate editor

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